APW came to Corporate Sign Industries with the desire to upgrade their fuel price signage. They had approached alternate companies in the past but had not found a resolution to their need.

After an on site consultation CSI came up with a proposal including a design to supply and install an 8 meter pylon sign with Electronic Fuel Price modules.

We interviewed Bill at APW to find out his thoughts on the project and the final outcome.

What compelled you to upgrade from your existing signage? (For example; were you always directing your visitors? Were people getting lost? Office unable to be found? Needed an image upgrade? Etc.)

Our old signage was rundown and we felt we had grown as much as we could with it. We needed to develop our image and increase our brand awareness within our existing customer base as well as with potential customers. We were looking to expand on our current goodwill. We are located in a prime position, we had audience around us however no one was looking in our direction and it was a matter of us standing out.

What were you trying to achieve through this project?
Our aim was to increase sales, create brand awareness and to build or strengthen consumer confidence

How has the new signage impacted your business?

Our sales have increased by a whole 20% since the sign was installed. Our consumers are now proud to call themselves our customers.

Upon completion, did you achieve what you wanted from this project?

Yes definitely achieved what we set out to, not only met but exceeded what we felt we could achieve.

What kind of feedback have you received from the community?
We have received amazing feedback from the community. All the feedback has been filled with positive words. They are proud of the business now. We had a lot of existing customers and goodwill however since installation of our sign they have become advocates for our business and are proud to call themselves our customers.

What was your experience with dealing with our customer service team like?
Fantastic! I found them to be patient and accommodating, real problem solvers. They listened to what I wanted and come up with unique and different ways of delivering my requests. They exceeded my expectations.

Compared with the other options available in the marketplace, what is our product quality like?
I won’t lie there are cheaper signs out there however we were looking for something that would last more then 15 years. We were after quality and CSI’s signs ensure quality and durability that other signs on the market do not.

What made you choose Corporate Sign Industries as your supplier?
I found the initial consultation on site with Steve to be invaluable. He was very patient and accommodating of my needs. I had done some research before arranging a site visit with CSI and found many people out there, however not many people that specialise in satisfying my unique and somewhat demanding requests. A lot of people were looking to fit my sign within their current production styles, instead of customising their style to meet my individual needs. CSI were able to do this and do this well.

Would you recommend Corporate Sign Industries and why or why not?

Absolutely! I do not usually recommend people, as it puts my credibility on the line however I would be very happy to recommend CSI to anyone looking at revamping their image and that wants someone that will listen and respond to their individual needs. I am confident they would maintain the level of personal and professional service they showed me.