Display cases show your clients and stakeholders why they should trust and believe in your organisation. By placing your trophies, awards and certificates in a display case or cable display you are visually demonstrating your success.

If you are considering purchasing a display case, invest in a good quality display case from CSI. A flimsy, poor quality case will not do your awards justice. A professional display case, however, will work to strengthen and support the credibility of your organisation.

display-signAnother exciting way of displaying elements of your organisation is through the use of cable displays. Designed to your specifications, these displays can transform your front window into a silent salesperson. For a dramatic look, display panels and modules can be incorporated into the design.

Cable displays can either be wall mounted or supported by cables and rods fixed between the floors and ceiling. This means that you have the freedom to be creative with their positioning.

CSI’s high quality display cases and cable displays are custom made to suit any area. A choice of timber or aluminium framing and a range of contemporary designs ensure that your chosen piece will blend perfectly with your décor. Lighting and mirror backing are optional extras that work to amplify the prestige of your display.