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APW came to Corporate Sign Industries with the desire to upgrade their fuel price signage. They had approached alternate companies in the past but had not found a resolution to their need. After an on site consultation CSI came up with a proposal including a design to supply and install an 8 meter pylon sign […]

Axiflow approached Corporate Sign Industries with the need of Corporate Signage for their new premises in Homebush. CSI established Axiflow’s need and decided to conduct an onsite consultation. We interviewed Ryan Fooks at their new premises to gather his thoughts on the project and the final outcome. A proposal, including a design concept, was presented to […]

BRIEF Bligh Park Public School came to Corporate Sign Industries with the need to improve their image and roll out their new logo and branding in a much more consistent manner throughout the school. After an onsite consultation, CSI developed a consistent design incorporating the new image and school logo. This design was then applied […]

BRIEF Hurlstone Agricultural High School came to Corporate Sign Industries with a number of issues. Visitors to the school were getting lost and unable to find the office or the appropriate buildings. During school hours this could be aided by staff directing visitors where to go, however, when visitors arrived after hours to go to […]

Greg Burke from St Anne’s Church Ryde came to Corporate Sign Industries with a request to take their signage to the next level. After conducting initial onsite consultations, CSI came up with a unique design to suit the requests of the St Anne’s Ryde community. We interviewed Greg Burke at St Anne’s Ryde to find […]

St Paul’s International College came to Corporate Sign Industries as the college was not standing out and their enrollments were dropping. CSI established that the existing signage was quite old and rundown and as a result was not catching attention like it should. CSI came up with a solution which involved installing new electronic changeable signs. After […]

BRIEF Thornlie primary school came to Corporate Sign Industries with a number of issues. They wanted to communicate better with their parents and the community.  They also wanted to be able to direct visitors in a clearer way. The Signage needed to be robust to withstand constant attack from graffiti. CSI established that the issues […]

BRIEF This client wanted to establish a signage family to flow throughout the various campuses that would improve the overall image and appearance of the campuses as well as provide a medium of clear, precise directions to it’s students and visitors. We interviewed Mr Colin Isbister, the Regional Manager in the Asset Management Unit at the Institute to […]