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Door Signs

Door signs are a necessary medium of communication in commercial establishments. They are a functional solution for identification and also aid in guiding visitors and staff around the building.

Signs can be used to inform visitors where a staff member is located or where a bathroom can be found. They can also warn people not to enter a certain room.

Custom door signs created by CSI will not only help with navigation, they will also enhance the professional look of your organisation. You have the choice between plastic or metal signs that are engraved with your desired details: both of which would suit any workplace décor.

Also available are cut out vinyl graphics that can be applied directly to the surface of your door or onto a plastic or metal backing sheet. This is ideal for door signs that you wish to feature a larger symbol or graphic.

For a door sign that can be easily changed depending on the function of the room, CSI create aluminium holders complete with inserts. We can also pre- print paper inserts that can be placed effortlessly into the frame.

If you are concerned about your signs being tampered with, optional clear covers are also available.

If your organisation is established in a building: you need door signs.