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Identity Signs

Your brand and identity are precious to your organisation. This is why you need high quality signage that delivers maximum impact.

Your visual identity is important since it helps differentiate you from your competitors. It also ensures that you are memorable among your clients and stakeholders.

We are extremely flexible in our approach to identity signs. This is because CSI are aware of how important it is to increase and maintain brand recognition among clients and potential clients.

In order to provide the ideal solution we offer a wide range of materials and applications all focused towards enhancing your company’s image.

Pylon and plinth signs are an excellent form of external visual communication since they stand out and attract attention. A pylon or plinth sign can also be illuminated so it can display your identity even when it is dark outside.

Modular aluminium systems are well suited for internal or external communication and allow you to change individual modules of text when required. This reduces costs when it is necessary for signs to be altered.

The ability for signs to be wall mounted or free standing means that there is freedom regarding where they are placed. This could be on the outside wall of an office building or in the entrance of a car park.

A striking way to capture your organisation’s brand would be to use cut out or fabricated graphics. Depending on the design, 3D or cut out lettering greatly enhances the effectiveness of a sign.

CSI’s wide range of materials and methods will ensure that your identity signage is functional, attractive and attention grabbing.