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LED Changeable Signs

The Electra electronic changeable signs is a revolution in communication. It is a simple to use, modern signage solution that communicates with your clients much more effectively than a static sign.

Each sign features a double line message display, which you can modify to display your chosen text. There is also the option to upgrade to additional display lines to include messages with a higher level of detail.

Electra signs consistently retain high levels of visibility in dull or bright conditions since they include the highest quality LED signs and lights. The Electra changeable signs, from CSI, also offers the widest choice of LED colours available ensuring that your LED signs can be customised to compliment your colour scheme.

Changing the text on your Electra sign couldn’t be easier. A 3G-web portal, highly encrypted Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, fibre optic or Ethernet cable can all be used to remotely change the messages that appear on your sign i.e; Changeable Signs. This saves you time and eliminates OH&S concerns since your message can be programmed from the comfort of your own office.

Each and every Electra changeable signs are built to compliment the environment in which it is constructed. CSI consultants will meet with you to assess your needs and will devise a design based on your requirements. Your LED signs will be constructed with aluminium or galvanised steel with your choice of colour coating. Other extras include an anti-graffiti coating, 3D graphics and time and temperature displays.

The end result will be an eye-catching, contemporary design that is robust enough to survive the Australian climate.
Perfect for schools, churches and retail establishments, the Electra changeable signs will modernise the look and feel of your organisation.

CSI’s Electra® electronic changeable signs save you time, energy and OH&S concerns. All sizes feature a single line message display with the option to upgrade to an additional display line.

For more information, download the Technical Specification Sheet on the Electra and LED Signs.

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