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Reception Signs

First impressions are lasting impressions; therefore the impact of a high quality reception sign should not be overlooked.

The reception area is often the initial place that your clients and stakeholders visit and it is integral that this area exhibits a high level of professionalism.

A CSI reception sign is an appropriate and essential decoration to any reception area. Apart from looking good, they provide a warm and welcoming environment for visitors and staff.

A sign featuring your organisation’s name and logo will convey your unique identity and will create a memorable and lasting image in your visitor’s minds.

CSI can create custom-made reception signs to your required specifications.

We use laser-cutting technology to cut logos and lettering, which is far more accurate than other methods of cutting.

We also have the ability to encapsulate digital prints into your sign. This means that high quality digital images can be part of your signage.

Investing in a CSI sign in your reception area will create a hospitable environment and will have a positive impact on your visitors and staff.