The Electra Changeable sign is a simple to use, modern signage solution that communicates with your clients much more effectively than a static sign.


  • LED Signs are eye catching. Their bright displays are hard to miss. Electra signs consistently retain high levels of visibility in dull or bright conditions since they include the highest quality LED signs and lights.
  • Keep your branding strong! Graphics and visuals speak louder than words. Your LED sign will allow you to effectively communicate your message with whatever visual you choose to display.
  • It’s completely CLOUD based! Log in and change your message anytime, anywhere from any SMART device. This will save you time and eliminates OH&S concerns since your message can be programmed from the comfort of your own office.
  • Glengala Primary SchoolIts designed JUST for you! Each and every Electra is built to compliment the environment in which it is constructed. CSI consultants will meet with you to assess your needs and will devise a design based on your requirements.
  • Perfect for schools, churches and retail establishments, the Electra will modernise the look and feel of your organisation.
  • You SAVE! Cost efficient and power saving, whilst being the latest  technology, LED will save you money! Also save time and money spent! Cut costs on printed advertising material.Little maintenance or repair.
  • With little maintenance or repair and a life span of up to 100 000 hours, your LED sign will last the test of time.
  • 5 year onsite warranty!

For more information on the Electra and LED Signs, please contact CSI on 1300 762 764.

Check out our Electra Section in our NEW CSI Brochure!


Byford - CSI