Are your visitors getting lost finding their way around your site? A CSI signage review might be able to help you!

What are the benefits of CSI signage review?

Day to day movement around your site requires knowledge of landmarks and key locations. With time, understanding of an area becomes second nature when moving around a space. Often it isn’t until someone new comes along that it becomes apparent how difficult it is to find ones way around a space.

A CSI signage review will help you identify signage areas around your site that are:

  • high points of traffic flow
  • potential hazard areas
  • consistent with your branding
  • consistent throughout your school/ business
  • up to date and competing with safety regulations

We’ll walk around your site and will study how users move around. With our industry knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes we’ll help point out areas that make way finding around your site an easy and safe breeze!

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