CSI certainly did lift Blum® to new altitudes with a 3D letter installation that ran as smoothly as ever. Blum’s Sydney Warehouse was the place to be Thursday 19th July with all hands on deck to ensure a smooth signage installation took place. We even made sure Pickford Photography got the call up to capture the whole thing! From 7am in the morning until 3pm in the afternoon, the installers were focused on the job, ensuring precision would exceed the expectations of all. The letters were fixed with care & professionalism. To watch a snapshot, see the amazing time lapse video here >>>>

The 3D fabricated lettering was the perfect solution for Blum’s needs and CSI worked hard to deliver such an effective result! The letters were manufactured using fabricated and painted aluminium, & then sprayed with a 2pac polyurethane coating to match Blum’s beautiful orange corporate colour. We made sure there were absolutely no visible fixings, no matter how high up the sign went to ensure a crisp & professional finish. For the North & South facing sides of the warehouse, we even added illumination by inserting energy efficient lighting inside the lettering. The lighting projects forward illuminating the face of the letters, ensuring that even after hours in the darkest of nights, Blum’s branding can still be seen from afar! 

Love the new Signage Blum – We were so happy to complete this project for you!

Identity Signage is definitely a very important, vital aspect to any organisation. Differentiation is key to gaining a competitive edge in any market. Corporate Sign Industries love to get to know the client’s identity so that our custom designs can reflect this & translate it through to the rest of the community. We are unique in that we provide you with signage solutions in their entirety, including you in the whole process from initial consultation to the creation of the designs to the manufacture & even the installation.

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