A 68 Point Development Checklist – Covering the Essentials

1. Understanding the goals and the audience
3. Role of Digital Communication
4. BRANDING & “STREET APPEAL” improvements.
5. Safety & Diligence Standards.
6. Your Site & Sign Detailed specifications OPTIMISED.
7. Ability to Promote awareness of one-off events.

Designed to deliver better outcomes:

• A clear visual demonstration of justifiable gains in communication, “wayfinding” and site / sign safety.
• Elimination of risks due to unintended signage communication or sign positioning mistakes.
• A precise specification that enables BETTER VALUE supply moving forward.
• The latest opportunities in digital communication management – identified as relevant for your school.

It’s simple: takes 30 minutes of your time – to meet, we do the rest. Its affordable – rated as an extremely good value service.

Watch the video below…