CSI have a Hospital Sign Audit to help determine where your sign and communication system needs improving, and how it can be achieved!

Improvements are easier and more economical to achieve with CSI.

Utilise our 10-step independent audit.

This covers, but is not limited to, the following:

For vehicle and pedestrians arriving at the facility, and venturing within it:

1. Wayfinding check: Can visitors find their way without asking for directions? Has enough been done to quell the potential for any anxiety about not knowing
where to go?

2. Access Blockers: Is there anything in the way of people finding the place they
need to be at?

3. Sign Legibility: Can they read the signs from a distance – is the lettering high enough? As a high proportion may be elderly, this is often not optimal – especially when arriving by car for the first time.
4. Emergency Wayfinding: Is it easy to find the way to Emergency Department?
5. External Sign Legibility: Are signs easy to read if it is raining heavily or at night – is backlighting powerful enough?
6. Colour Coding Opportunities: Are signs colour coded consistently? E.g is red always used for the emergency department?
7. User Friendly Terminology:  Are destinations free from too much medical terminology, to help visitors identify their destination faster?
8. Carpark Signage:  Does the carpark signage function adequately? – is vehicular traffic slowed because of unclear signage?
9. Current Sign Condition: Are signs safe, secure (fixings in adequate condition) and free of visible wear and tear?
10. Arrivals check: Do visitors arrive where you want them to? Are visitors allowed to walk unauthorised through the facility? – if they are not allowed, is it possible for them to do so?


What CSI will do – to identify what needs improving, and then how to make achieving improvements cost effective.

1. Create a Tailored Facility Checklist

We modify our diligence check to ensure that the uniqueness of the facility and its challenges are part of the assessment.

2. Understand the OPERATIONAL priorities for key parts of the facility

We discuss to understand what you are aiming to achieve operations-wise. In particular, where you want people to arrive, so you remain in control of where you want visitors to go. This also goes for “troubled” patient arrivals at odd hours of the night and day, who may need security intervention or presence.

3. Perform an Independent WAYFINDING check

We undertake an analysis of the “wayfinding”, plus sign types, placement and sign numbers and come up with a report outlining potential areas of improvement, plus how and what improvements may look like.

Your Outcome from an Audit

Designed to provide you with a valuable independent assessment and plan.

A report on the condition of all signage:
The number of signs and their location – with suggestions of what to remove, add or augment (e.g add double sided).

An Independent WAYFINDING report:
Using your current facility map as a reference point.
– This will include department name check VS names patients can readily understand.

A digital rendering of recommendations:
Showing recommendations on top of real images of the facility – so it is easier to understand the potential of any changes.