— School Map Signs

School Map Signs

Navigating a large school campus and memorizing directions to classrooms, admin areas, and cafeteria can take some time getting used to. It is a routine for new students to feel lost on their first day so we found a novel way to overcome this challenge: school map signs.

We aren’t talking about stuffy signboards that students are forced to memorize, but smart floor signs, way finders, and kiosks that don’t obstruct campus aesthetics. After paying a site visit, our professionals take note of possible locations to install school map signs for better readability.

With illustrative map signs in strategic areas, students quickly learn their way around campus. From selecting colours for signs to making it user-friendly for people with disabilities, considerable ingenuity goes into planning, designing, and installation.

We eliminate anxiety faced by new students and visitors to find out where they need to be. There is always a special incentive for choosing school map signs from CSI because we offer superb quality and value through the products we sell. Be it material selection or pricing, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The Advantages of School Map Signs:

  • Reduces anxiety in new students and visitors
  • Coherent markings
  • Legible text, icons, and arrows
  • Wear-resistant floor signs and way finders
  • Made from outdoor-ready materials

School Map Signs that are

Convenient and Visible

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A clear visual demonstration of justifiable gains in communication, “wayfinding” and site / sign safety for visitors and employees.

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Successful designs often are bright and enforce your branding with unique colours, logo and fonts.

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Map drawing services dictate where landmarks are found. It is perfect for giving directions and communicating messages.


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