What is it?

Identity Signage, 200 Series Electra Signage, Panel Signage, Nav 180 series.

What are the features & benefits?

  1. A 16mm pitch (P16) screen gives great clarity for displaying text. This is great for communication to parents and the community what is happening.
  2. Change your message as often as you like, communicate quickly and effectively to community and members.
  3. Cost efficient and economical! With a 100 000 hour lifetime.
  4. keep up with the latest technology and change your displays from any SMART device.
  5. Enforce your branding – the unique colours, logo and fonts reinforce who you are! Across all campus sites, branding and style are the same.
  6. A unique design, making TAFE NSW stand out.
  7. Five year onsite warranty, after service help available.
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