What does your signage say about you?

  • Do you attract new students, or do you turn them off?
  • Do visitors feel welcome, and can they find their way?
  • Are your signs consistent with the School branding?
  • What’s the condition of your current signage?

It takes someone from the outside to find out


A CSI Signage Audit will give you all the answers…

  1. INITIAL CONSULT: Our initial consultation allows us to meet you face to face, visit your site & understand exactly what your needs are. We can then determine together, whether or not a Signage Audit will be the best option for your School.
  2. SIGNAGE AUDIT: Conducting the Audit takes place on site from a visitor and student point of view. We take a good few hours to go through the whole process & get as much feedback from you as possible. We utilize our skills & experience to map out areas of opportunity for the school in terms of way finding & the school’s brand identity. We take photographs, notes & inspect every corner of the site so we don’t miss a thing!
  3. PREPARING THE SOLUTIONS: Once we have gathered everything we need to know & gotten a feel for your site, we then get to work in our office space creating a Signage proposal. This includes our in-house design options, a map of your site with a visual representation of our signage solutions, as well as a quote with the breakdown of all the signage options we feel will benefit your organisation long term.
  4. PRESENTATION: …and then we come back to present to you our solutions! We discuss the audit, the obstacles we faced during the audit and why we suggest each solution!  Your feedback is welcomed and we love to bounce off the client to ensure we are really encapsulating your needs. We also want our design ideas to reflect your schools identity and reflect strong, consistent branding throughout.

Once an audit is complete – CSI can continue with the whole process to the end. The Audit becomes your shopping list which you can use to get comparative quotes. You can buy the whole trolley of items or pick out the Signage that you want. CSI are with you every step of the way, from sign designs to manufacture, to the installation & maintenance itself. We want you to feel involved in the whole process.

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