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CSI has almost 30 years experience creating innovative sign solutions for Australian schools and businesses.
We are a third-generation, family owned company, and we pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment and service.
Our focus is quality and our cost-effective signage solutions stand the test of time.

“We at Penrith Christian School recently had some of your signage installed (Identity, Panel, Directional and an Electronic). We are delighted with the end result. It has increased the overall image of the school and ensured brand consistency throughout the grounds. Visitors to the school often had difficulty directing themselves around the school but with our new directional signage everyone is now are able to find their way with ease. Our Full Coloured Electronic Pylon Sign not only gives visitor’s a warm welcome to the school but has also made communication with the community much simpler”.

Sharon Tuft, Business Manager, Penrith Christian School