CSI EDUCATION Visual Strategy Workshop

Delivers your school a faultless transition to a better site & sign communication system

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The CSI Visual Strategy Workshop provides a clear plan for improvement.

We apply our “best practice checklist” to:

  • Assess sign locations, condition and branding consistency.
  • Demonstrate improvements to your site plan – especially how visitors are kept away from students.
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Now you will know what you really need…

See how your school facility will look – 3D rendition imposed over your existing signage.

  • Get control of where you are sending visitors.
  • Eliminate unintended errors and mistakes in sign placement


Visual Strategy Workshop

Engaging a CSI Education  Visual Strategy Workshop is a practical first step

We invest in DELIVERING YOU BETTER OUTCOMES, by gaining a clear understanding of your goals, your audience and then aim to deliver:
  1. How to improve “Wayfinding” through the facility
  2. The role of digital signs in your school communication
  3. BRANDING & STREET APPEAL” improvements.
  4. Which signs need to be removed and or replaced.
  5. Where safety and diligence standards can be improved – for example, managing where you direct visitors through the school in order they do not come into contact with students.

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