What is the cost of an LED electronic school sign?

What is the cost of an LED electronic school sign?

There was a time when educational institutions only needed one, static sign on their premises. In today’s world, however, signage in schools is not just about posting relevant information, but also about improving engagement. That’s where LED electronic signs come in.

Digital LED signage is rapidly taking over in schools, especially as more and more educational leaders look to embrace the power of technology to modernise their institutions. Today, these LED signs have become pivotal in how schools disseminate mass information.

How much do LED electronic school signs typically go for?

LED school signs start at about $25,000, as a base figure for the unit. Once you factor in other necessary costs, such as connection to power and council fees, the cost generally reaches $30,000 to $35,000. With additional, optional extras, and custom designs you can expect to pay as much as $75,000.

What factors influence the price of LED school signs?

Imagine going into a computer store and asking how much does a laptop cost? Obviously, the salesperson attending to you will want to know what type of laptop you want — specs, brand, design, etc. Based on the information you provide, and your specific requirements, they will be able to give you with more accurate pricing, for a product that is fit for use. The process is similar for an LED school sign. To determine a final cost, your consultant needs to understand your requirements to ensure the final sign meets your expectations.

There are some factors that will affect the final price of an LED sign and we discuss them below:


Whether the signage is single-sided or double-sided will directly impact its price and which option you choose will ultimately depend on the primary intention of the school sign. For example, if you need your sign to be visible to people passing in opposite directions, it makes sense to go for a double-sided sign.


Pitch references how many LED bulbs you have per sqm metre. The more bulbs per sqm, the higher the screen resolution, which is reflected in higher pricing. 

The recommended pitch is dependent on a number of different factors. These are as follows: –

  • How far away your viewing audience will be from your sign.
  • How much content you would like to display compared to the size of your screen.
  • How sharp you would like you content to be.

Signage Size

It should come as no surprise that larger signs command higher prices.

 In addition to the size, the housing of the sign is also an important factor. If you’re installing the LED sign on a post and panel system, the price will be generally lower compared to if you were installing it on a monument style encasement.


 School signs can be produced in many different styles, with the inclusion of particular features on the mounting structure such as 3D graphics and illumination and custom shapes. These choices affect the final cost of the sign.

Council Approval

Outdoor LED signage is often subject to approval based on council regulations, such as the size of the signage, light emittance, types of materials used, and more.

 If your school needs council approval to display LED signage, the process involves charges that you need to consider when budgeting.


Products with strong warranties typically command higher prices. This is because the warranty attests to the quality of the LED sign. Many buyers will be happy to pay a higher price for the assurance that the product they’re buying is protected by a warranty from the manufacturer or installer.

 School Signs often come in the following forms of warranty: –

  • Onsite Warranty – This covers all the costs to repair your sign.
  • Parts & Labour Warranty – This only covers your parts and labour. A call out fee will be applicable and can be worth as much as $500.00 per visit.
  • Parts Only Warranty – This only covers the parts needed to repair your sign. This will not cover the labour or the call out fee. The labour cost of a technician can be upwards of $150.00 per hour.

What unique benefits do LED signs offer for schools?

LED Signs have been known to boost enrolments. In one case, we had a school attribute a 17% increase in enrolments through their digital sign. It also helps communicating with your Parents and Community.

Signage is also a great way to boost the prestige of a school. It can welcome visitors, reach out to people driving by, provide important information to students and their parents, and even help foster a sense of community.

Some unique benefits of LED school signs include:

They’re more cost-effective than paper

 Most forms of communication and information relay are already paperless. It was only a matter of time until the paperless revolution hit the signage industry. Schools can use their LED digital signs for announcements, acknowledgments, and to provide updates both for the school and the wider community.

People in and around the school will be able to see the messages on the sign, without having to spend money on paper, printing, and postage.

They allow for up-to-the-minute communication

In any educational institution, information can quickly change, and you’ll often need an effective method to keep everyone appraised of any updates. Traditional, static signage cannot handle these changes quickly, the way that LED sign can. This allows you to provide up to date information efficiently.

They engage today’s students

LED electronic signs can go a long way in improving student engagement. Students these days are accustomed to technology unlike any generation before them. They’ve grown up in the internet age and will likely respond to attention-grabbing LED displays that are centred around their specific needs and expectations.

Closing Thoughts

Effective communication is integral in any form of education, even more so in a school. Students learn and engage better in an environment where the information is communicated in a way that resonates with their expectations. That’s why LED electronic school signs are quickly becoming a mainstay.