Do you need a signage audit?

Do you need a signage audit?

Have you paid attention to your signage recently? While you pass by it every day, your community is seeing these signs and making snap judgements about your school or business. So are your signs aligned with your goals?  

In this article, we outline how to assess your school's signage and determine when you need a Visual Strategy Workshop. 


Your introduction to Visual Strategy Workshops

At Corporate Sign Industries, we offer Visual Strategy Workshops (VSWs) to audit your existing signage. In a nutshell, our VSWs involve the following key steps: 

  1. Discussing your overall goals and challenges

  2. Assessing your existing signage

  3. Identifying the areas to improve

  4. Developing a signage plan

  5. Presentation of the signage designs, including an itemised proposal. 

In our experience, these workshops are the most effective way to ensure your new signage achieves what it should. 


Our VSWs — we give you the answers

If you want effective and efficient change, you can come straight to us to book a complimentary discovery appointment with our experts, to determine if a VSW is for you. We’ll take you through a comprehensive checklist, explain our signage strategies, and make recommendations for your particular site. In our experience, it often takes an outside eye to identify the best next step. 

Key advantages of working with our team include gaining a fresh perspective on your school and highlighting areas often overlooked by regular visitors. Our visits go beyond a typical audit, focusing on design concepts, placement, pricing, and collaboration. We also offer recommendations based on our extensive experience and nationwide school visits.


Benefits of a Visual Strategy Workshop

  • We provide an experienced and fresh perspective on your signage, highlighting areas missed by regular users.

  • Our insights go beyond a typical audit, focusing on design concepts, placement, pricing, and client collaboration.

  • We offer recommendations based on extensive experience and school visits all over Australia.

  • We have been told our workshops address real problems, rather than simply saying what the client wanted to hear. 


The 5 key steps of a VSW 

1. Site visit

The initial site visit involves an in-depth discussion between key school stakeholders and our auditing and design team. 

2. School tour

We will tour the school to gain an understanding of all entry points, car parks, key locations, and any areas of particular significance. This will take no longer than 1 to 2 hours of your time. From this, we will identify all existing signage and the issues that need to be addressed, such as wayfinding capacity, branding and consistency, and sign conditions. 

Assess your school signage

3. The workshop

We will conduct an independent audit without supervision, to gain an unbiased assessment of your site. This takes approximately 1 to 3 hours and allows us to note anything else we need for the design stage. 

4. Signage design and planning

We will develop a signage plan with three different concepts. This will include the design of the entry, map, directional, and block signage. We’ve designed and manufactured a range of signage for schools across Australia so you can trust our advice and expertise. 

5. Presentation 

Approximately 3 weeks later, we will return to the school for a face-to-face presentation of our signage designs. We will take on the school’s feedback and complete any revisions. 

When you’re happy with our itemised proposal, we can take it through to completion. We are with you every step of the way, from sign designs to manufacture to installation and maintenance. 

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Still unsure if a VSW is for you?

Simply download your free copy of the checklist below and follow the key steps to determine the best approach for you. Alternatively, book a discovery call with the team to discuss your next steps.