Does Your Signage Need a Refresh?

Does Your Signage Need a Refresh?

Corporate Sign Industries has over 30 years’ experience creating innovative sign solutions for Australian schools and businesses. We are a third-generation, family owned company, and we pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment and service. Our focus is quality and our cost-effective signage solutions that will stand the test of time.
Take a look around your school and look at the areas we have listed below, does your signage need a refresh?


Identity signage visually represents your schools brand or image. It can help differentiate yourself from other schools and helps to ensure you are memorable amongst your students, staff and parents.When you invest in striking building signage, your location becomes part of the community’s mental map of their neighbourhood.

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Directional signage provides clear messages to people whilst complimenting your branding and enhancing your culture.With the use of maps and symbols, directions can be conveyed quickly and simply.Illuminated and electronic messaging can be incorporated into your directory, giving it the edge whilst increasing its effectiveness.

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The objective of PBL (Positive Behavioural Learning) signage is to:

  • Promote and maximise academic achievement
  • Increase behavioural competence
  • Enhance and communicate the culture of your school
  • Create a happy and positive learning environment
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Not sure where to start with a signage refresh? A CSI site and signage audit may be what you need.

  • We will walk your campus grounds and assess your current sign locations, condition and branding consistency.
  • Following this we will demonstrate improvements to your site plan, especially how visitors are directed around your campus.
  • We will then provide you with a full detailed report outlining any unintended errors in sign placement and also show you how your school facility could look (3D rendition imposed over your existing signage).
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“Following a very informative and detailed audit, CSI recommended a range of signage and styles to suit our needs. Installation was quick, efficient and well organised. The result is that the new signage looks visually appealing, fits with our branding and ensures easier navigation and consequently is so much more professional. Additionally it really complements the grounds and generally improves the feel across our extensive campus.”

Business Manager at St Peter’s Catholic College, Tuggerah NSW

“We engaged CSI to audit and make recommendations so we could better serve our visitors and guests through access and way finding signage. The team at CSI were personable, professional and customer centric; they listened to our needs and were always available. They visited our site on multiple occasions as part of their audit; consulted with multiple stakeholders to gain a full understanding of likely users; and developed a highly accomplished signage suite, showing the location of each sign on site maps. Seeing this information in a clear visual representation enabled us to make highly informed decisions about our investment. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Head of Marketing & Community Relations at MLC School, Burwood NSW