Does Your Business Need Signage? Enhance Signage for Manufacturing Businesses

Does Your Business Need Signage? Enhance Signage for Manufacturing Businesses

Attention-grabbing signage has been used for as long as we can remember. It is mainly used to promote and inform. It forms an undeniable part of business promotion everywhere.

Signage in the manufacturing sector follows the same trend, but with one key addition–the prevalence of safety signs. Sadly, too many people are injured in work-related accidents each year which makes adequate safety signs essential.

Below, we take a closer look at signage in manufacturing companies and its role in promoting your business and educating customers and staff alike. So read on!

Does My Business Need Signs?

In short, yes! Signage is one of the most significant contributors to the success of your business; whether it is a sign pointing customers in the direction you want them to take or a bold outdoor statement marking your territory in an upmarket business. In retail outlets, signage is the ultimate multitasker. Ask anyone you know, they are sure to tell you that they have made an unplanned purchase due to a well-designed, well-placed sign. Signage for your manufacturing business is a smart investment in safety and productivity and will certainly prove a worthwhile return. There are so many exciting possibilities available, but choosing the best options for your manufacturing business will require a little more research.

Corporate Signage

Corporate signage can be split into two main areas: hero signage for your building and outdoor areas, and identity signage for reception and entrance areas. Each plays a unique role and serves a specific purpose.

Hero Signage

Hero signage is designed to attract customers and make your business visible to them. As the title suggests, they are there to assist.

These are effective options that advertise long after you have left work for the day. They can be placed above entrances, on top of buildings–wherever they achieve the best visibility. If you choose LED or neon options, they are still visible at night as well, thus providing business promotion round-the-clock.

As they are your customers’ first impression of you, ensure that they convey the message and tone that you want.

A few things to keep in mind when designing outdoor signage:

  • Location is vital, so make sure signage is always visible from multiple directions
  • Size matters when it comes to signage, and this includes the content on your sign
  • The style you choose should reflect your business brand so pick imagery and coloring wisely

Identity Signage

Once you have brought customers to your business, your next step is to focus on your reception and indoor signage.

Reception areas are the main point of contact between customers and your business which makes it critical that you make the right first impression. It is an excellent idea to display company logos and digital images of work at receptions for potential clients to see.

Well-designed identity signage will showcase your business ethics, your commitment to your customers, and your company culture without saying a word.

It’s a Good Sign!

Now that we know a bit more about indoor and outdoor signage, let’s look a little closer at how to get the best return on your visual investment.

A well-designed sign can offer multiple benefits for your business, such as:

  • Spreading awareness
  • Earns you brand loyalty
  • Draws attention from outsiders
  • Projects your business image
  • Offers off-premises advertising

It may be that your outdoor voice needs an objective third-party opinion, in which case a signage audit would be a wise decision. An expert review will examine some key design factors and can quickly change a nondescript sign into something impactful!

Professional guidance includes factors such as:

  • Making sure your graphics are clear, emotive, and original
  • Examining the typeface on your signage that can make or break readability
  • The smart use of which colour can be used to stimulate emotions as well as make sure your sign is seen clearly

Good signage is a simple way to generate and maintain interest. Ambiguous, unclear, or poorly designed signs are a waste of your hard-earned money.

Wayfinding and Informational Signage

While not directly included under the banner of marketing and advertising, good informational signage is equally important.

Wayfinding signage helps people find their way around a business, an institution, or another physical location. This type of signage is especially helpful for office blocks, hospitals, and manufacturing companies.

Industry-Specific Signage

Along with your brand image, your signage should work within your industry. For example, in manufacturing digital displays are becoming a popular choice. They make it easy to connect your various teams across all your facilities and warehousing.

In this way, you can communicate effectively and prevent bottlenecks, such as in production. This leads to improvements in compliance in various areas and employee retention due to good communication. All because you paid attention to proper signage practices.

Health and Safety

Another important place to have signage in any business, but especially in an industry such as manufacturing is on your machinery. Employees should know how to operate the machinery as well as what safety precautions they must observe. While they should all be trained in their fields, it never hurts to cover all your bases with prominent safety signage to remind everyone.

Signage relating to health and safety is imperative in any industry. That applies especially to those with large warehouses and heavy machinery. Signs must be clearly displayed and easy to read and understand, as employee safety is always a top priority.

Make Your Signs Work For You

No matter which signage you decide to use, make sure it is working for you.

Review your signage regularly and make sure they are up to date and serving their purpose. Keep your brand image present in all the signage you use, and this will stick with customers long after they have left. Mark your territory with excellent, modern signage choices.

If you are unsure about what signage is best for you or how to improve what you have, give us a call today, and we can offer you the best advice and services.