How much does a school signage audit cost?

How much does a school signage audit cost?

For 70-80% of the schools that we work with, a signage audit would cost between $4k and $5.8k. The precise cost is determined by considering several factors:

  1. Size of the school campus

The size of the school is based on a few components, such as the number of students, the number of buildings, the size of the site and the number of gates. These components are generally an indication of the number and type of signs that will be required.

2. Complexity of the campus layout

The types of buildings that make up the campus, whether they are single or multi-storey; the ratio of indoor to outdoor areas; and whether the school is situated across multiple campuses. These variances in complexity all have bearing when estimating a signage audit.

3. Location of the school

If the school is in a remote location, we factor this in when estimating the audit cost