How to Get Creative With School Signage?

How to Get Creative With School Signage?

Did you know that Australia is the world’s third most popular place to study? And that’s why having good school signage in place is even more critical in attracting and impressing new students to your school — be it domestic or international.

The look of your school is as important as how the school performs. School signage has come a long way, from the days of muted, monotonous tones to bright, vivid, and inviting. Your signs should be helpful, attractive and appealing to both visitors and students.

Today, we will look further into why school signage is vital for you and the school. There are many ways you can get creative with your digital signage and give your school an edge. Let’s look at some of these ideas and uses of school signs.

Uses of School Signage

Signage in schools can be used for many reasons, from attracting visitors at reception to guiding throughout the school.

Take a walk through the building and look for areas where a sign would benefit the students and visitors. For example, toilets are a crucial area to consider great signage and make it fun. Other areas like the food hall and gym will need a sign.

A school map near the front is a good way for your students, visitors and potential pupils to get around. Highlight where they are, and they can get around quickly. As you walk around the school, let the inspiration of the students speak out to you.

Then, look at the work you showcase and ask yourself if a digital option gives it a cleaner look? Share achievements and goals, but also inspire and encourage your students to achieve their desires.

Thus, you can create a safe and encouraging environment for your pupils. This can help you get creative and decide what you want throughout the school and on the grounds.

Fun Ways to Create Digital Signage

At the front of the school, you want signage that represents the school. The name and emblem will be great here and ensure the visitors are at the right school. Digital school signage can share important information about the school.

Inspire your visitors and attract new pupils with details about the school’s achievements. This is a great way to stand out from competitors and show you care about your pupils.

Areas that are bare can be filled in with school signs. Use the blank spaces to create positivity with your students. This is an excellent way to attract potential pupils and share how the students are excelling.

There is a variety of different signage such as LED signs, banners and changeable signs. You can consider different types throughout the school.

Encourage the Pupils to Get Involved

Pupils have brilliant minds. They are creative and inspirational. You can run competitions for them to enter a range of different activities for the signs for schools.

For example, you could run a contest on artwork to showcase around the school. Thus, attracting visitors and showing that the school is creative and forward-thinking. Ask pupils for quotes on positivity and mindfulness.

Also, ask for quotes on today’s topics that are troubling and turn them into positives. For example, anti-bullying campaigns are always prevalent within the school environment.

Showcase the school’s achievements along with the pupils. Give them a reason to excel and share the things they can be proud of. Competitions are a great way to signpost the achievements on digital school signage.

Changeable signs can help you share the moments you feel proud of. Your pupils and visitors will also feel proud of any achievements. They can be changed to celebrate times of the year and to feel joy and praise. If you are a religious school, this is a great way to celebrate the time of year. Motivate your pupils to get involved in the celebrations and sharing meaningful ideas.

Use Technology to Create Inspiration

LED signs are great for sharing important information. For example, share updates about school closures or celebrate a milestone or achievement.

Inspire and attract your visitors and share your passions and hopes for the school. Place large signs outside of the school with an LED screen.

You can share important information and create videos about the school. Involve the staff and pupils in the video production and let them use their creativity. You can have digital signage in your reception area as you can put the essential updates here.

In addition, you can share announcements and information for the parents and pupils as you see fit. Other areas of the school can benefit from digital school signage. The hall/canteen is an excellent place to share achievements and messages of positivity with the students.

Take Inspiration From the School

Every school is different, from formal to fun, this is a great way to show visitors and potential pupils what your school is about. If your school has a uniform, use the colours in the uniform and emblem to create the signage.

A great way to show what the school uniform looks like and what you expect from the pupils during school hours. Parents can see they look smart, which gives the school a professional edge. Some schools will excel in an area, such as sports, IT and languages.

You can create digital signage around the school to showcase this. In addition, any achievements or competitions that have been won can be shared throughout the school. Create large banners welcoming new pupils that are joining the school.

You can also create banners saying goodbye to pupils that are leaving. It helps the new pupils feel welcomed, and the pupils that are leaving feel like they were a part of the school.

Why You Need to Consider Signage in Your School

If you want to stand out from the competition, school signage is a key factor to consider.  It shows you are forward-thinking, creative, and inspirational. When you show the work the children have done, it shows you are proud of their achievements.

School signage is important, so don’t delay! Contact us today to get experts do an audit.

Book a discovery call and implement a meaningful and attractive digital signage for your school.

Think smart, make your school stand out from the competition. You will enjoy the benefits it will bring you.