LED Digital Signage – How Can Schools Make the Most of LED Signs?

LED Digital Signage – How Can Schools Make the Most of LED Signs?

Effective communication is an integral part of education. Students learn best when the information is communicated in a way that appeals to them and is easily understood. That is why in schools, it’s essential that all forms of communication are clear and precise — not just inside the classroom but outside as well.

That’s where LED digital signage comes in. In times past, school signage was primarily used to advertise the school. Today however, digital LED signs have paved the way for school signage to be used for so much more.

The Contribution of Digital LED Signs in Schools

If you are thinking about putting up LED signs for your school but are hesitant about it, this post is for you. Here’s why LED digital signs are worth the investment.

1. School calender and schedules

Schools can use LED signs to display and remind students, parents, and teachers of activities and schedules. LED signs can conveniently display office hours, school hours, half-days, and the first day of classes. In addition, upcoming events like parent-teacher conferences and school holidays can also be displayed.

2. Advertise for potential students

Having a LED school sign can make your advertisements more engaging and attention-grabbing. With a digital sign, you can help to attract new students into your school by displaying interesting promotional videos and not just plain text. Increase the number of your enrollments by attracting your target market with efficient advertising.

3. Campus guide and map

Help your new students by providing a guide and map so they can find their way around the campus will eliminate the need to print pamphlets or maps to give away to new students.
With LED signage in your school, new students won’t have to get lost finding their way to their classrooms.

4. Announcements and events

School calendars are filled with events that the student body anticipates every year. Ask for students’ participation in upcoming school events like formals, sports events, fundraisers, guest speakers, and more through the creative use of LED signages. Digital signs can include important info like the time, date, venue, ticket prices, etc. Make your announcements more fun and appealing to the student body by including photos of previous events and a countdown timer.

5. Celebrate accomplishments

Use your LED sign to celebrate the accomplishments of your students. Boost their morale by congratulating winners of sports games, inter-school competitions, science fairs, and more. You can also use LED signages to recognise student’s leadership skills, activity in the community, and any heroic effort they may have made.

6. Campus safety

Use LED signs to increase and implement campus safety. Since you can update the information displayed on digital LED signages in real-time, students and teachers can be alerted immediately about emergencies. For instance, situations that threaten the safety of students, like amber alerts, fire, storms, and others, can be diverted by flashing announcements for evacuation or to stay put.

7. Community announcements

Since schools are an integral part of a community, you can use your LED sign to deliver announcements and essential info to the rest of the community, especially in times of crisis and emergency. Digital LED signs can be quickly updated to display emergency alerts like weather, school cancellations, evacuations, and more. Also, LED signs allow you to display information that attracts attention fast, like graphics and animation, so that you can quickly broadcast emergency alerts.

8. Content made by students

Get the most out of your LED sign by allowing students to participate by creating content for it. Unleash their creativity and let them use their knowledge of technology to benefit the school. Not only will it make them feel valued and acknowledged, but they will also produce fresh content to appeal to their fellow students.

9. Keep students engaged

Social media is a significant part of students’ lives today, and hashtags are the norm. Extend students’ engagement on social media platforms into your school’s LED sign using hashtags, especially during sports games and important news stories. Increase student engagement in the campus by also featuring the best social media posts using these hashtags.

10. Other Important Things

Aside from important announcements, LED signs in schools can also function as a display for other essential parts of campus life. Instead of putting up clocks, you can use LED signs to display the time and temperature. You can also announce when a teacher is absent so that students will be informed.

Communication in schools has come a long way, especially in today’s digital age.

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