School Gate Signs — Do I Need Them?

School Gate Signs — Do I Need Them?

Schoolwide communication planning is crucial to performance, and it starts at the school gate. Over the years, school gate signage has evolved to become an important medium for communicating with staff, students, and visitors.  

So to answer the question, do I need school gate signs? Absolutely! Here’s why.  

Improved Wayfinding Strategy

Good gate signage is important for helping people quickly find their way into and around the school premises. It’s not uncommon for schools to have more than one gate so it’s crucial that people know the right entry point(s).  

One of the best ways to achieve this is to number each gate sign appropriately. The good thing about using a numbered system is that it is multilingual. Even people who don’t understand English can easily identify the different school gates by just looking at the number on the signage. If the gate signs were labelled alphabetically — ABCD, it might not work for every visitor as the order of the letters can be confusing.  

In some cases, people refer to the school gates by the street name. Some schools also label their gates as North, South, East, or West gates. Both instances can be problematic for some visitors who may not be aware of what the street name is or whether the gate is North or South. That’s why having the gate signs numbered sequentially — 1234 — is important for improved wayfinding.   

So probably the biggest reason to invest in quality school gate signage is to ensure that people come in at the right location, which is what wayfinding is really all about. This way, you don’t have people calling you from a different gate saying they can’t get in.  

More Efficient Traffic Flow

School gate signage is important for ensuring efficient traffic flow in and out of the premises. A school with multiple gates can designate a gate for a specific purpose, such as for deliveries. Perhaps for food supplies for restocking the school canteen or stationery for the library — deliveries can be directed to a designated gate nearest to these buildings to ease the flow of traffic.  

So the school can just tell the driver to enter through Gate 4 or Gate 3, whereas Gates 1 and 2 are set aside for staff and students only. With the right gate signage, the school might actually require fewer signs across campus, since the sign at the gate can immediately tell people the ideal entry points depending on what buildings they’re going to.  

Enforced Visitor Sign-ins

Proper gate signage is crucial to improving security by making sure everyone going into the school is well-identified and their purpose for visiting is validated.  

The last thing a school wants is for strangers to come into the premises where there are kids without signing in. That is a huge security risk, especially now that child protection issues are ever more important.  

School gate signs can include information requiring visitors to sign in. Some gates can be designated specifically for visitor use, then other gates will be locked. This way, any visitor using the non-designated gate means that they did not sign in and can be spotted immediately. 


Building Trust and Reputation

Gate signage is a key aspect of reinforcing branding and school core values. It’s not just about choosing the right words to put on the sign but also thinking carefully about how the message is communicated. This means putting some thought into the visual signage design, including the colours, typography, and layout choices. 

Done right, quality gate signage adds prestige to the school and improves its reputation. Over time, this helps build trust and brand recognition.  

Is Gate Signage Only Useful For Large Schools?

Not necessarily. Granted, larger campuses stand to benefit more since they typically have multiple gates and more wayfinding system needs. For instance, gate signage in a large school is important for implementing evacuation plans. Perhaps there’s a fire and the whole school needs to be vacated. Or maybe there’s an emergency, the school can inform the ambulance what gate to come in through for the fastest way to get to the injured student.  

That being said, even smaller schools can still benefit from quality gate signage. They’re necessary for creating a solid first impression and are important for helping to ensure orderly movement within the premises.  


The Bottom Line

School gate signage is integral in any institution. They help facilitate proper schoolwide communication, in addition to improving traffic flow and increasing security. Are you considering gate signs for your school? What are some must-have features that you want in school signage?  


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