Top 5 Signage Companies in Sydney Australia

Top 5 Signage Companies in Sydney Australia
If you have a signage project and want to know more about the signage companies that service the Sydney area, then this post is for you.

These are our picks for the top 5 signage companies that service schools and businesses in Sydney. Learn more about each company and their signage specialty below.

Danthonia Designs: Best for Schools, Councils, and LED Signs


Since being founded in 2001, Danthonia Designs has been a go-to name for signs in schools. Danthonia also works with corporate clients, local government, small businesses, clubs, and churches.

They are known for their high standard LED signs, with 3G compatibility, so that users can manage and control their signs remotely. The company also boasts a proprietary “hammer proof” coating on their monument signs, making them very durable.

Danthonia Designs offers an extended warranty period of 10 years for non-LED screens. For LED screens, they provide a 5-year warranty.

Cunneen Signs: Best for Specialised Signs


Cunneen Signs offers robust signage manufacturing capabilities not commonly found in other signage companies.

Cunneen Signs can create unique or unconventional signage ideas. One of their specialties is interpretative signs. These are signs that are informative in nature and usually have a secondary objective, such as to explain elements in a space or even to act as pedestrian barriers, usually found at tourist attractions.

They also offer site surveys to fully understand the layout of your premises and will recommend signage to best suit your requirements.

Signpac: Best for Cost-Effective Signage Solutions for Schools


Signpac specialises in cost-effective school signs and other promotional school materials. They’ve been partnering with Australian schools for 25 years, with the goal of helping schools enhance their visual impact.

They offer educational-specific signs such as banners, flags, school emblems, lecterns, scoreboards, entry signs, and many more. They also provide digital LED and LCD signs for school advertisements and announcements. Both digital signs can be utilised for indoor (e.g., library) or outdoor (e.g., football field) use.

One of the most interesting products that Signpac provides is the interactive whiteboard. This product is an excellent tool for learning. It can handle multimedia lessons and presentations to keep students engaged while learning.

Signpac also works with small businesses, clubs, churches, and local government agencies. They can produce statutory signs for parking or safety, but can also supply custom-made signs, based on your specific requirements.

Easy Signs: Best for Online Signage Designs

LOCATION: Smeaton Grange, NSW

Easy Signs offers a free online tool where customers can create ready-to-print designs, either from a template or by uploading their own design. This affords their customers control over the final design and autonomy throughout the buying process.

The company positions itself as a high-quality, low-cost signage printer. They boast of their production time as one of the fastest in Australia and focus only on manufacture; they don’t install.

Easy Signs produces a wide range of general signage. Their product range includes banners, corflute signs, 3D lettering, and custom mailer boxes. They also print posters, flyers, signage accessories, stationery, stickers, decals, and wall signs, just to name a few.

Edugrafix: Best for Wall and Window Signs

LOCATION: Brookvale, NSW

Edugrafix provide signage and art services to the education market through custom designed wall art and printed blinds. Schools and colleges have tapped into their expertise in utilising unused window and wall spaces and turning them into useful and vibrant areas.

Their projects include wall art for canteens and courtyards, blinds in a library, and door art. If you want to make your school more vibrant, Edugrafix can help convert plain walls into artworks and display messages which become an additional classroom resource, working to improve the aesthetics of the space.

Designs can vary depending on your needs. They can range from scientific formulas for science laboratories to basic guitar chords for music rooms. For blinds, customers can choose plain blinds with many colour options or acoustic blinds to help reduce echo.

Aside from their high-quality products, Edugrafix is ISO 9001, 14011, and 45001 certified for best practice in quality management, environment management, and WHS management systems.


In choosing the signage company that’s right for you, we recommend that you consider first your signage needs, and secondly, evaluate your budget.

 If you’re still unsure, Corporate Sign Industries can guide you in making a prudent decision.

 Contact us or book a discovery call with one of our signage specialists and we will work with you to determine the best options to meet your specific requirements.