Types of business signs

Types of business signs

Looking to upgrade your business building and boost public awareness? Corporate signage is a tried and tested way to capture your customer’s attention, build your brand, and elevate the reputation of your company.

In this article, we outline the key types of business signs used by Australian organisations, including:

Hero signage

Hero signs allow your customers to quickly identify your building and your company. When you invest in striking hero signage, your location becomes part of the community. Hero signage helps to differentiate your business from competitors and ensures you are front-of-mind for clients and stakeholders.

At Corporate Sign Industries, our in-house design team will create custom design signage that reflects your brand and company values. We offer a wide range of materials and applications, all focused towards enhancing your company’s image. 

Jellis Craig Hero Sign

Jellis Craig Hero Signs and Cutout letters

Directional signs

Directional signage ensures visitors can find their way around your premises. By incorporating symbols, maps, and clear lettering, you can ensure guests find the right information at the right time. 

At Corporate Sign Industries, we create wayfinding signs that communicate information as clearly, quickly, and effectively as possible. Our designers will create something unique for your premises, taking your décor and surroundings into account and complementing the area in which it is placed.

Signum directional signs in reception

Reception signage

The reception is often the first place your clients and stakeholders visit. Therefore, good reception signage creates a powerful first impression, enhances your company image, and instils customer confidence in your company. A sign with your organisation’s name and logo will build upon your unique identity and create a memorable image in your visitor’s minds. 

At Corporate Sign Industries, we use laser-cutting technology to cut logos and lettering with high precision. We can also incorporate high-quality digital prints and images into your sign.

Signum business reception sign

Internal signage

Internal signage is the quickest way to communicate important messages to visitors, suppliers, customers, and staff. Examples of internal signage include door signs, window graphics, directory boards, and braille signage. At Corporate Sign Industries, we’ll customise your internal signage solutions to complement your interior design. 

Signum internal reception sign

Digital LED signs

An LED display is a flat-panel video display that you can easily update with personalised messages, images, or videos. Typically, LED displays can be changed through the cloud, meaning you can update your message display from anywhere with internet access. They’re also visible even in sunlight and easy to see from a distance. 

At Corporate Sign Industries, we’ve developed an LED sign software called Orion. This makes it quick and easy to update your sign with the latest notices, information, and images, without paying a third party to manage your digital signage. When your sign is installed, we will provide you with all the training you need to navigate this software with ease. 


Our 5-step process

Are you ready to upgrade your business signage? The team at Corporate Sign Industries is here to help. Our 5-step process makes it easy for you to take your signage to the next level, knowing that it will align with your brand and objectives. 

1. Consultation

Our face-to-face consultations help us determine the best signage for business needs. Our highly trained consultants will meet you on your premises, listen to your requirements, and analyse your site to develop a signage plan and recommendations. 

2. Design

Our experienced design team will develop a concept and you can make revisions until you are happy with the layout. We’ll provide full-colour images so you can visualise the concept. 

3. Manufacture

Our skilled manufacturing team will bring your chosen design to life, using premium, high-quality materials. Our Quality Control System ensures every sign meets the highest standard at every step of the process.

4. Installation

We offer an installation service where the Corporate Sign Industries team will install your signs. This is a safe and efficient solution, ensuring the best long-term performance. 

5. Support

After your signage is installed, we offer support and guarantees to ensure ongoing quality results. We offer a minimum three-year warranty on select signs, covering craftsmanship and materials. 


Business Signs Australia

If you’re looking for a reliable sign company to boost your brand image, our team has the experience, expertise, and skillset to help. Our experts will show you where and how you can make improvements – simply contact us today or book a discovery appointment. 

If you’re looking for more information about corporate sign solutions and how to elevate your brand image, our Corporate Catalogue has everything you need to know. Click below to download a free copy today.