How to upgrade your childcare signs

How to upgrade your childcare signs

Is it time to upgrade the signage at your childcare facility? Are you wanting to grow your enrolments? When it comes to marketing your childcare centre, it’s all about instilling confidence in your brand. Signage is a key part of that – communicating key messages and reinforcing your branding. 

In this article, we explore the various types of signage you need, our sign design advice, and our top four must-haves when upgrading your signs. 

Types of kindergarten signage

With many different types of kindergarten sign and childcare centre sign, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you, we’ve outlined the most important signage types below. 

Identity signage

Installed on the building exterior or the property boundary, identity signage should be noticeable, eye-catching, and aligned with your branding. Identity signs allow people to quickly locate and recognise your childcare facility when passing by. This differentiates your centre from competitors and ensures you are front-of-mind for prospective parents. 

Nido Early School Kensington Park Signage

Pylon signage

One of the most popular types of identity signage is the pylon sign, which is a freestanding sign, usually placed near the roadside. Supported by one or two poles, pylon signs are a great way to capture the attention of passing drivers and pedestrians. 

Directional signage

Directional signage, also called wayfinding signage, ensures visitors can find their way around your premises. Large childcare centres or combined premises benefit greatly from directional signs, eliminating confusion among guests. 

If kindergarten sign is well positioned with clear messaging, both children and visitors can easily navigate the centre. This reduces the frequency of visitors and children having to ask for directions to the reception or a specific building.

Reception signage

The reception or main office is typically the first place your visitors and parents visit so you must have reception signage that creates the right first impression. This enhances your brand image, instils confidence in your facilities, and creates a memorable experience. Reception signage is particularly important when your childcare centre is located within a larger building complex.

Nido Early School Blakeview Internal Sign

Internal signage

Internal signage is a quick way to communicate important messages, directions, rules, and reminders. Common examples include door signs, window graphics, directory boards, and braille signage. 

Internal signs should be clear and placed in strategic locations so that they are visible. To engage children to learn, consider using colours and fonts that are fun and easy to read.

Early Childhood Sign Nursery Wall Sign

The 4 must-haves for childcare signage

At Corporate Sign Industries, we have 4 must-have design principles for childcare centre signage. These ensure your signage is effective, cohesive, and aligned with your brand goals. 

1. Establish your brand

Position your brand with family-friendly themes, reinforcing the values you want to embody. By projecting the mission and vision, you give prospective parents a reason to choose your childcare centre over the competition. 

2. Build trust

In addition to communicating messaging, it should also make your centre feel welcoming and safe to parents and children. It should give the impression of a trustworthy location, with pictures and statements that convey your brand values in more detail. This will build confidence among first-time parents, encouraging them to interact with staff and the facility.

3. Safety first

Simple, effective signage should contribute to the health and safety of your facility. Signs can be used to display important safety warnings, facility rules, emergency procedures, and more. By showcasing this information clearly, you also build trust and confidence with your prospective parents. 

4. Clear communication 

Signs are all about communication so it’s vital to think about your messaging and tone of voice. Signs not only communicate the rules and general safety information, but they also play a key role in the brand, community awareness, and overall reputation of your facility. 

When planning your signage, remember to think about the visibility and positioning too.


Childcare Signs – how we can help

If you're seeking to elevate your childcare centre's brand image and attract more enrollments, the team at Corporate Sign Industries are here to help. The value we provide to Childcare Centres includes the following:

  • Extensive site visits capturing inconsistent branding.
  • Experience ensuring we use the right products in the right place, avoiding costly long-term mistakes. 
  • Our fresh approach and long-term experience help us to overcome your concerns when you aren’t sure where to start.
  • Our signs improve your image and identity to increase or prevent lost enrolments.

Our experts will show you where and how you can make improvements to your signage – simply contact us today to book a discovery appointment. 


Our 5-step process 

Our simple 5-step process makes it easy for you to take your signage to the next level, knowing that it will align with your brand. 

1. Consultation

This initial consultation helps us determine the best signage for your needs. Our highly trained consultants can meet you at your childcare centre, listen to your requirements and concerns, and analyse the site to develop a signage plan and recommendations. 

2. Design

Our design team will develop signage concepts along with superimposed designs so you can visualise the signage in position. You can make revisions until you're happy with the final concept.

3. Manufacture

Our manufacturing team will create your signage design, using premium, high-quality materials. Our Quality Control System guarantees that every sign meets the highest standards.

4. Installation

We also offer an installation service, which is a safe and efficient solution, ensuring the best long-term performance. 

5. Support

We offer support and guarantees to ensure ongoing quality results long after your signs have been installed. We offer a minimum three-year warranty on select signs, covering craftsmanship and materials. 

If you’re looking for more information about our signage solutions and how to grow your childcare facility, see the childcare signage page on our website.


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