Vinyl vs Painted Murals — which is better?

Vinyl vs Painted Murals — which is better?
Vinyl vs Painted Murals — which is better?

Are you looking to update your school’s visual appeal? Do you have a wall that needs more colour or interest? A mural is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your premises, whether you want to promote school values, tell a story, or brighten the space.

In this article, we explore the key differences between painted murals and printed vinyl murals, sharing the pros and cons of each. We also highlight which applications each option is best suited to, and how to choose the right sign for your school or business. 

Painted Murals

Painted wall murals are hand-painted onto a wall, either on the interior or exterior of your building. 

Pros of painted murals



When a painted mural is executed correctly and well-maintained, it can last many years. High-quality paints and sealants can also help preserve the mural's integrity and vibrancy over time, ensuring it adds colour to your space for much longer.  

Graffiti proof

Painted murals can be finished with an anti-graffiti coating to ensure the artwork is not damaged. 

Integration with architecture

Painted murals can be seamlessly integrated into architectural elements, enhancing the aesthetic of the overall space. This can complement the design of buildings and interiors, creating cohesive and immersive environments. We can paint around vents, downpipes and much more. 

Condition of the existing wall

With a painted mural, it doesn’t matter what the existing condition of the wall is. After a thorough clean, we can still apply a paint-based mural indoors or outdoors.

Cons of painted murals


Increased cost

Compared to vinyl wall murals, painted murals may be more expensive. However, this will depend on the final design so it is worth discussing your options with one of our consultants. 

Painted Murals

Vinyl Murals

Printed vinyl murals are produced with designing software and printed onto a thin vinyl material. The sheet is attached to the wall, usually with heat and an adhesive backing. 

Pros of vinyl murals



Vinyl murals are typically more budget-friendly, especially for large-scale projects. Without the expense of hiring a professional artist or purchasing expensive materials, they are a cost-effective option for adding visual interest and transforming spaces. 


Most vinyl murals can be removed without causing damage to the underlying surface. This makes vinyl murals suitable for temporary installations or rented spaces where permanent alterations may not be allowed or desired.

Cons of vinyl murals



Vinyl murals can be easily damaged and peeled back by inquisitive hands. They are not recommended for high-traffic areas. 

Not suitable for moist walls 

Vinyl walls cannot be applied on a wall that is prone to moisture or dampness. You must be certain that the wall is free of moisture seeping through. 

Vinyl murals

Indigenous murals

Indigenous murals are an effective way to celebrate and acknowledge the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultures in your school or business. It can also create a learning environment that champions cultural pride, deepens awareness, and promotes an understanding of Indigenous culture. 

If you have a blank wall, path, or building, an indigenous mural is an enriching solution, serving as a daily reminder of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and values.

At Corporate Sign Industries, we design all Indigenous artworks in consultation with the local elders of the site location. 

Murals Australia

Painted mural vs vinyl mural — which is better? 

In summary, both painted and vinyl murals are an effective way to brighten an unused wall and promote core values. The best application method for your school or business will depend on your priorities. 
If you are looking for a temporary mural in a dry space, a vinyl mural is a cost-effective solution. This way, you can also remove it easily when required. 

On the other hand, for any permanent mural, the longevity of a painted mural is superior. With graffiti-proof coatings and high-quality sealants, you can ensure your mural lasts for many years to come. Additionally, we can design your painted mural to complement your buildings and existing spaces. 

School murals

Painted Murals Australia

At Corporate Sign Industries, our murals are painted with high-quality paint that’s designed for Australian conditions. Our design team will create your murals based on consultations with you and key stakeholders, ensuring we achieve the look and feel you’re after. We design and install a range of painted building murals, including:

  • School murals
  • Corporate murals
  • Child centre murals
  • Healthcare murals

For more information about your options, contact our friendly team today!