What do you receive from a CSI Visual Strategy Workshop?

What do you receive from a CSI Visual Strategy Workshop?

What do I receive from a Visual Strategy Workshop?

Following the initial visual strategy workshop, we consolidate all our learnings and draw up a visual strategy findings report for the client.

This will include:

  • 2-3 design concepts of signage families, meaning we develop artwork concepts for a full range of signages types e.g. identity, wayfinding, block etc. In this way, our client can see how the design concept applies to each sign type.
  • We then take those design concepts and superimpose them into the photographs taken on the day of the site audit. This helps to visualise how the signs will look in place and clarifies where we recommend the signs be positioned.
  • Another way we ensure there is no ambiguity around sign positions is providing a map of the campus, with each sign location pinpointed on it.
  • Our report also includes the pricing for each sign.

Each sign is numbered, and those numbers are used like a legend across the concepts, the mock-ups, the map and the pricing to make it easy to track each sign.

After the initial draft, we include 3-4 revisions to ensure the client is 100% happy with the final strategy.