What signs do I need for my childcare centre?

What signs do I need for my childcare centre?

The world of signage is vast, with many different types and styles to choose from. Figuring out what signage you need for your childcare centre can be daunting, but one way to narrow down your options is to think about the intended purpose of the sign. Here are some guidelines that might help.

Identity signage

Identity signage does just that – identify your centre. Installed on the outside of your building or the perimeter of your property, it should be noticeable and, if implemented correctly, it establishes and enforces your brand.

Being noticeable also means it will help your centre stand out from other establishments in the area.

Remember, identity signage is also responsible for creating a first impression of your brand, so make sure you consider the design and how you want parents and prospective employees to feel when they see your signage.

Reception signage

Upon entry to the centre, parents will usually head to a reception area. Reception signage can be the name of your childcare centre or simply the word “reception”, but it must be prominent so that parents can see where to go.

Particularly important if your childcare centre is located within a larger building complex, reception signage will help parents and visitors locate your premises more easily.

Internal signage

Indoor signage is just as important as it helps children, parents, and visitors identify areas and rooms within the premises. These signs could be placed on doors, walls, or windows to communicate rules, reminders, or information.

Signs should be clear and placed in strategic locations so that they are visible. If they also have a playful and colourful design, they can engage children to learn. Consider using colours and fonts that are easy to read to further encourage children to recognise messages and information relayed.

Internal signs could show messages such as:

● “Wash Your Hands”
● “Shoes Off”
● “Reading Zone. Keep Silent”
● “Turn off Phones”
● “CLAYGO” (Clean As You Go)
● Quotes and illustrations
● Nursery rhymes

Gate signage

Gate signs are essential for helping people find the most convenient point of entry. They help to distribute and organise both foot and vehicle traffic, reducing congestion and avoiding confusion.

Directional signs

Large centres or combined premises benefit greatly from directional signs. Directional signs use a combination of arrows, text, and symbols to help visitors find their way around the premises without going in circles.

If signs are well positioned, with clear messages, both children and visitors can easily navigate the premises themselves.

Signage Design and Placement

Now that you have a better understanding of how signage will be used in your childcare centre, you can make informed choices about what goes where.

Beyond these considerations, it’s also important to evaluate the type of signage to use. LED digital signs are ideal for childcare environments because they are engaging and can effectively and efficiently relay messages.

In conclusion, your choice of signage should be based on what is best for your branding and what you think would help children, parents, and your employees the most.