Why Do Schools Need Wayfinding Signs?

Why Do Schools Need Wayfinding Signs?
To understand the importance of wayfinding signs in schools, one should ask a few questions: Do your visitors know which gate to enter? Can they find their way to the front office? What would happen in the event of an emergency or evacuation? Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Do your visitors know which gate to enter?

If your school has multiple entry gates, have you wondered if your visitors know which gate to enter from? Imagine their frustration if they have to check gate after gate, looking for the right entrance. Having each gate numbered with information on a gate sign will help your visitors easily make their way to the correct entrance with ease.

Can visitors find their way?

Can your visitors find their way to the reception or main office without having to ask for directions? Has the school ever received calls from visitors who are lost?

If there is inadequate wayfinding signage, people who are unfamiliar with the school layout might get lost while looking for a specific area within the campus. This not only leads to frustration for the visitor but, from a safety perspective, visitors accidently wandering into areas where students are present is a matter for concern.

Strategically and intentionally placed wayfinding signs can help guide visitors to their destination within the campus.

Can new students or teachers find their way?

New students and staff can become disoriented on campus until they learn their way around. Clear wayfinding signage can also benefit these individuals through their first days, making it easier and faster to get around campus.


In the event of an emergency, how easy is it for you to direct emergency vehicles and personnel? If your school has clearly labelled entry gates and buildings, emergency services can be efficiently guided to the right area which can save precious time. An LED digital sign with an updated message for the emergency unit can also be helpful.


What does your evacuation process look like? Do student and staff know where they need to go in the event of an evacuation? Do you have signage that labels designated evacuation meeting points? Having signage for these situations and to mark important areas helps ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors.


Wayfinding signage helps people navigate their way around environments. By clearly marking key locations and providing directions, wayfinding signage not only saves time and prevents frustrating situations but, can also be invaluable in an emergency.

If your school’s wayfinding signage needs improving, make sure you consult a signage expert to find the right wayfinding signage for your school.

Here are some popular types of wayfinding signs.