3 reasons why school murals are worth the investment

3 reasons why school murals are worth the investment

Are you looking to update your school’s visual appeal? A mural is a cost-effective and easy way to improve the appearance of your school, particularly if you have walls or fences that need attention. Whether you want to promote school values or tell a story, a mural is an effective way to brighten up the space.

In this article, we explore the key reasons why murals are a great investment for schools and share the other types of school signage you may be interested in. 


What is a school mural?

A mural is a large, colourful artwork that is either painted or applied with an outdoor vinyl print onto a building, fence, or other exterior surface. School murals can depict various themes, such as creative expression, educational topics, historical events, quotes, or the school's values. 

School murals are commonly used to enhance the learning environment, decorate school spaces, and create a sense of community among students and staff. They serve both an aesthetic and educational purpose, providing a visually engaging and inspiring atmosphere within the school. Examples of spaces to install a mural may include:

  • Classroom exterior walls
  • Office buildings
  • Toilet blocks
  • School halls
  • Swimming pools
  • Bike sheds

School mural designs can be completed by a professional artist or students, depending on the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

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Benefits of school murals

1. High impact

A mural is a great way to make an instant impact with minimal negative aspects. Compared to renovations or other large-scale upgrades, a mural is relatively quick but still provides an eye-catching design for staff, students, and parents to enjoy. It can quickly swing an unappealing area into a highly attractive space.


2. Less disruptive

In a busy school, unwanted distractions can cause problems. With a mural, interruptions to your day-to-day operations are minimal, compared with other upgrades. The process is reasonably quick, quiet, and safe helping to minimise disruptions to your students.


3. Low-cost upgrades

If there are spaces around your school that need updating, a mural is a practical way to achieve instant impact without investing significant time or money. If you don’t have the resources or capacity to upgrade a space right now, a mural is a quick and cost-effective solution. 

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Other types of school signage

When was the last time you had a look at your school’s signage? If it’s not a mural that you want, consider updating the rest of your signs to improve the experience for students, staff, and visitors alike. See the full range of our school signs below. 


School LED Signs

Our Electra digital LED signs are a simple, high-quality way to display and update your school’s messages. They’re easy to use and will revolutionise your organisation's communication. Designed and assembled in Australia, Electra signs are made for our climate, contemporary in design, and manufactured to enhance your unique brand identity. 

However, if the sign’s power connection is too long, a changeable sign will be more suitable. 


Directional signs

Wayfinding signage enables you to convey directions quickly and simply. They can be illuminated and electronic, giving them an eye-catching appearance. At Corporate Sign Industries, we have both internal and external directional signs available that can be customised to your school’s layout.


School map signs

Installing school map signs ensures visitors, students, and staff can navigate the school easily. This also helps to reduce anxiety for new students as they learn where classrooms, admin areas, and other key spaces are located. 

At Corporate Sign Industries, we recommend a map with vibrant colours, your school logo, and bold fonts. This will catch your visitor's eye and ensure they can find their way.


Changeable school signs

If an LED sign is located too far away from a power source, the long connection may be prohibitive. In these cases, a manually changeable sign is more appropriate for school messaging and frequently updated notices. 

These allow you to remove outdated messages and replace them with new ones, ensuring all parents and students are well-informed. These signs are best located near the school’s entrance, where parents can view the message during drop-off and pick-up. 

At Corporate Sign Industries, our changeable signs are made with magnetic letters and rust-free aluminium. We also use specialised designs to ensure longevity and durability in the harsh Australian weather. You can even choose your background colour to complement the school logo. 


School PBL signs

PBL or PBEL stands for Positive Behavioural Learning, which is a program supported by the Department of Education. As a school-wide strategy, PBL assists all students in achieving important social and learning goals. 

PBL signs are a great way to brighten up the look of your school, whilst being a reminder to students that positive behaviour will help your school to stand out. PBL signs help to promote academic achievement and positive behaviour, communicate school values, enforce positive messaging, and add bright, eye-catching designs. 


School honours boards

An honour board is a great way to celebrate student achievement and encourage others to achieve their goals. At Corporate Sign Industries, our honour boards are made with a variety of timbers, colours, and trims. We can also include a hand-carving of your school crest, complete with school colours and messaging. 


Digital school signs

Are you looking for dynamic signage that catches people’s attention? A digital sign is ideal for schools with frequent updates, notices, photos, and events to share. Our digital signage uses LED illumination to display your designs, ensuring maximum visibility and customisation. 


School Signs Catalogue

If you’re ready to improve the signage around your school, download a free copy of our Education Brochure, complete with details about all our school signage.

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