P4 vs P6 Digital LED Signage - what's the difference?

P4 vs P6 Digital LED Signage - what's the difference?

If you want to install a digital sign at your school or business, you may wonder how to choose the right LED display format. 

In this article, we explore the key differences between P4 and P6 LED signage. We share the pros and cons of each, which applications they are suited to, and how to choose the right sign for your school or business.


What are digital LED signs?

LED displays are flat-panel video displays often used for business signs, school signs, and billboards. In a nutshell, a digital sign is a personalised message board that you can easily update.

Digital signs are made up of thousands of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), forming a network that can be adjusted to display your chosen images, text, or video. Typically, these displays can be changed through the cloud, meaning you can update your message display from anywhere with internet access.

LED display signs are ideal for promoting events or announcements because they can be easily updated with new information. They’re also visible even in sunlight and easy to see from a distance. 

What is Pixel Pitch?

An LED display consists of multiple small modules which feature tiny lamp beads, or pixels. The distance between these lamp beads varies and is referred to as “pixel pitch”, or shortened to “P”. The smaller the spacing, the higher the density and the better the display definition. 

When choosing a digital LED sign, the pixel pitch will be shown as “P” plus the dot spacing in millimetres. For example, an LED sign with P3 has a dot spacing of 3mm and a sign with P10 has a dot spacing of 10mm. In this comparison, the P3 LED sign will provide a higher-quality image and therefore come at a higher cost. 

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P4 vs P6 LED Signs

In a nutshell, a P4 Screen is a higher resolution screen than a P6. We recommend a P4 screen if you intend to display your messages to pedestrians. For motorists, a P6 screen may still be sufficient. 

P4 LED Signs

P4 LED signs offer a higher pixel density and better resolution than P6 LED signs. They’re also suitable for closer viewing distances. 

  • Suitable for viewing at a relatively close distance, from 4 metres and above.
  • Higher pixel density of about 62,500 pixels per square metre. 

P6 LED Signs

P6 LED Signs have a larger pixel pitch and lower pixel density than P4 LED signs. They’re more suitable at longer viewing distances. 

  • Suitable for viewing at a longer distance from  6 meters and above.
  • Lower resolution with only 40,000 pixels per square metre. 

Due to the reduction in LEDs, a P6 LED sign is cheaper per sqm than a P4 LED sign. However, this results in a trade-off in image quality and definition. 


LED sign software

Here at Corporate Sign Industries, we have our own LED sign software called Orion Cloud with 3 levels. It is quick and easy to update your sign with the latest notices, information, and images, without paying a third party to manage your digital signage. When your digital sign is installed and connected to power, we will provide you with all the training you need to navigate this software with ease.  


Custom LED Signs Australia

Based on your current signage, how would people perceive your school or business? Creative signage sends the right message to parents, staff, and students so it’s worth investing in a quality solution. 

Here at Corporate Signs Industries, we have nearly 30 years of experience creating innovative signage solutions for Australian businesses and schools just like yours. We understand the process thoroughly and can provide insights to ensure your signs align with your core values. 

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