How Childcare Signage Can Influence Your Childcare’s Reputation and Enrolment

How Childcare Signage Can Influence Your Childcare’s Reputation and Enrolment

If you haven’t given careful thought to the quality and placement of signage around your childcare centre, you could be missing an important means of attracting new clients. Childcare signage, when properly employed, can attract new families to your business.  Like most childcare centres that are looking to grow, you are probably using day-care marketing to boost enrolment. In this article, we’ll explain how attention-grabbing childcare signage can boost your business reputation and enrolment.

Do I Need Childcare Signage?

Most people think of signage as a large banner or sign that hangs over the main entrance of a building. Signage does remind people what the name of your business is, but the custom-made displays can do much more.

Childcare Signage for Marketing

Any marketing campaign should include a budget for signage. Signage can help visitors find their way around your childcare centre. The visual cues have many uses that can be customized to meet your business and marketing needs. Over the course of years and decades, your carefully positioned signage will be viewed by far more people than any ad that you place.

When you work with Corporate Sign Industries, our signage experts can customize attention-grabbing boards and digital signs that potential clients will notice and remember. See for yourself. View some of our past projects by clicking here.

Childcare Signage for Branding

Strong branding allows your childcare centre to have instant recognizability. Even large companies rely on quality branding to grow their business. Think of the iconic brand symbols of Apple, Google, and Amazon. Having a strong brand begins with developing the imagery that your company will use on letterheads, signage, and other business-related materials. One way to do this is to hire a consulting company to develop your brand imagery. Once you have your logo and other important brand materials finalized, you’ll want to make sure that your signage reflects your company’s look and feel. Well-developed and unique brands evoke certain feelings and ideas within your client base, and your signs can magnify those values and ideas to the broader community. Once you have settled on your brand, be consistent with its use. Everything from social media to business cards should have a consistent look and feel.

Is it Time to Invest in New Childcare Signage?

If you inherited your childcare centre’s signage from a previous owner, it may be time for an upgrade. Decades-old signs may appear dated, which can harm your childcare business’ image. If your signage is not placed throughout your property, you could be missing out on the marketing potential of thoughtfully placed digital signs, towers, and other types of displays.

For more than 35 years, Corporate Sign Industries has provided cost-effective signage solutions to companies of all sizes. Let our experts help you decide if you need a signage upgrade.

Signage Options That Can Improve Enrolment

A growing number of childcare businesses are opting for digital signage that can be seen in low light settings. Digital signs are completely adjustable. The gold standard for digital LED signs is the Electra. The high-quality displays are easy to see and read. Many childcare centres find that the Electra revolutionizes their communications. Our signage experts repeatedly test each Electra throughout the fabrication process to ensure that each sign is reliable.

Benefits of the Electra include:

  • A five-year warranty
  • Repair technicians available in every capital city
  • A 30,000-hour fade-free LED guarantee
  • Single colour, tricolour, and full colour options
  • Energy-efficient cooling fans
  • 3G, Bluetooth, WIFI, and fibre optic/ethernet capability
  • Calendar-based software

Corporate Signs Industries can also fabricate directional, building, and interchangeable signs along with a wide range of boards for any purpose you need.

Additional Benefits of Using Signage

Beyond helping your business enjoy the benefits of improved enrolment, well-placed signage can help with:

  • Designating driver pickup areas
  • Reminders to wash your hands
  • Warnings to drive slowly and to watch for kids
  • Defining pedestrian crossings
  • Directing traffic
  • Marking drop off zones

Our signage experts can help you identify what new signs your business needs. We do this through a process called a visual strategy workshop

Visual Strategy Workshop (formerly called Site and Sign Audit)

A Vi sual Strategy Workshop (VSW) brings an outside perspective to the quality and placement of your signs. One of our experts can help you better understand if your signs convey the right mood and message.

Benefits of Visual Strategy Workshop

Without a Visual Strategy Workshop, your childcare business may be inadvertently leaving visitors feeling unwelcome and lost. The difference between having the right signs or not could mean the difference between attracting or turning away potential new clients.

How a Visual Strategy Workshop works

During the initial consultation, one of our experts will visit your site to determine if you could benefit from a Visual Strategy Workshop. During the Visual Strategy Workshop, one of our team members will conduct the audit from the perspective of a visitor. We will map out areas of opportunity for sign placement.

Visual Representations and Quote Breakdown

Notes and photographs will help our team members draft solutions for your childcare company. One of our team members will give you a visual representation of the solutions and a breakdown of the price quote. We welcome your feedback at every step of the Visual Strategy Workshop process. A thorough VSW can help your childcare company hone its brand identity and brand recognition.

Elevate Your Brand Using Quality Signage

Corporate Sign Industries can provide your business with cost-effective childcare signage that can solidify your branding and boost your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for a company that values personal, honest business, contact Corporate Sign Industries today. We look forward to helping your childcare business stand out.